We build tiny houses on wheels. Mobile, made from eco and healthy components. Live, work, rest wherever you want.


Our tiny houses.

FROM 25.000 EUR

FROM 25.000 EUR

FROM 28.000 EUR

FROM 28.000 EUR

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FROM 12.000 EUR

6 facts about Redukt houses to start.


We use natural and ecological materials for construction, among others selected wood and wool or wood fibres insulation. We avoid unnecessary chemical components. We care about health and the highest quality of finish.


Redukt houses can be easily transported by yourself. You do not have to decide on one place where you live or rest in nature. The house on wheels gives you exceptional freedom and independence.


Although small, these are real homes. Raw wood and fire in the fireplace create a warm, homely atmosphere wherever you decide to stay. This is one of the distinctive elements from campers and caravans.


A huge amount of possibilities. All year round house. Cottage for weekend trips out of town. Mobile office. Studio for working in the garden. Additional space in the backyard. A ski hut in the mountains. And many others.


A distinguishing feature of our homes are modular furniture which allows for a variety of arrangements and adaptation to the needs of the user with minimized fitting costs.


Each of our houses is made for individual orders. You can decide on different finishing options, furniture or ways of supplying electricity or water.

We are Polish manufacturer of the tiny houses on wheels.

Building a tiny house on wheels is a challenge that requires tailor-made solutions. We build them in Poland in collaboration with proven and experienced local family businesses that we have inspired with the idea of mobility and our approach to small spaces. Thanks to that our houses are made with the highest quality and we have great flexibility in adjusting them to the specific needs of our customers. They are not a mass product, but an affordable craft work of craftsmen, carpenters, locksmiths and installation specialists.

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Tiny house on wheels Redukt-01

Tiny house on wheels Redukt-01

Your unique place on Earth.

Everyone has some dream places where one would like to live, work or relax. Mobile, small Redukt houses on wheels give this opportunity. Put it in the countryside or on the edge of the forest, in the mountains or at the lake, or just in the garden. You do not need to build a traditional house or buy a plot. You do not have to decide for one place and make decisions for your whole life. Redukt houses allow you to experience an unprecedented sense of freedom. Live wherever you like, change your decisions and make new plans.

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Home is more an idea than a place. The idea that we can take with us.

— Marcin Jarysz, founder

Our houses and Tiny House movement.

Tiny house movement is a phenomenon that originates in the USA, but it is also rapidly growing in Europe. It is made up of people of all ages who have decided to simplify their lifestyle, have given up large flats and lived in small houses, thus reducing their living expenses and getting rid of credits. At the same time, they can enjoy freedom, have more time for social life and live closer to nature, very often consciously limiting their impact on the environment. Redukt houses are part of this trend.

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