A micro-house for minimalists.

  • Dimensions: length 2.55 m, width 2.55 m, 4.00 m high from the ground.

  • Window on the entire wall: bright interior and beautiful views.

  • Mini loft, where 2-3 people can sleep.

  • Any arrangement of the interior. It can be equipped with multifunctional furniture.

  • It can be prepared in the all-season and seasonal options.

  • It is possible to install heating, connections to utilities.

  • It can be prepared off-grid and on-grid.

  • It is built of natural and ecological materials, and thanks to the "breathable" walls you will enjoy a healthy microclimate inside.


Price, basic version.

12.000 EUR

Cena obejmuje:

  • Trailer chassis 2 axles, homologation, lighting, painted steel frame

  • Wooden construction, certified wood C-24 spruce

  • Wood fibers isolation 8 cm

  • Outer and internal highly vapor membranes, waterproof, windproof

  • Spruce elevation board gr. 19 mm

  • Internal finish - 6 mm plywood

  • PVC windows and doors, a 2-pane package

  • Electrical installation

  • Painting, impregnation

The additional calculation will include elements each time individually agreed with the future user:

  • Heating system - depending on the requirements: electric heaters, IR heating foils, stove on wood (with a chimney system)

  • Household appliances: fridge, hob, sink, tap

  • Bathroom equipment: shower, sink, tap, toilet (traditional, compost, other)

  • Gas installation

  • Mattresses and upholstery

Additional options and customisation.

Sheep's wool isolation (exceptional health properties, very light)

  • Thermowood boards on the facade (a special method of high temperature maintenance, without the use of chemicals, increased resistance to fungi and mold)

  • Photovoltaic installation with batteries (according to individual energy needs)

  • Various wooden cladding inside

  • Individually designed furniture in place of standard modules

  • Other