Basic information.

  • 19 m2, including loft.

  • Dimensions: length 6.70 m, width 2.55 m, height 4.00 m from the road, maximum weight 3,5 t.

  • Sleeping places for 2-4 people: 2 in the loft, 2 on the sofa bed.

  • Kitchenette with fridge, 2 burner plates and sink.

  • Bathroom with shower and toilet.

  • May be prepared with year-round or basic insulation.

  • Heating: stove, electric, gas.

  • It is designed to be connected to the mains in various ways (grid power, photovoltaic panels, generator, propane gas; water from waterworks or from separate tank).

  • Multifunctional furniture modules which are 1. four storage boxes which can be transformed into double sofa bed, eight stools, table; 2. wardrobe.

  • It is built of natural and ecological materials, and thanks to the "breathable" walls you will enjoy a healthy microclimate inside.


Plans, cross-sections, visualizations.


Optimized design and modular solutions.

  • REDUKT-02 is optimized to get the largest possible usable floor area of the home, convenience and do not exceed the weight of 3.5 tons, with good thermal insulation at the same time.

  • The characteristic, "broken" shape of the roof allows for lighting the interior on the diagonal of the whole building and at the same time allows installing at least three photovoltaic panels.

  • It has a compact body, inside which there is space for all equipment and all technical devices.

  • Equipped with a full-size kitchenette with fridge, gas / electric hob, sink. In addition, it has multifunctional furniture modules: a set of 4 boxes for storage of items, which after unfolding are an additional 2-person bed or two single, a sofa with a table and 8 stools.

  • Depending on the version, stairs or a ladder can lead to the loft.


Price, basic version.

28.000 EUR

The price includes:

  • Trailer chassis 2 axles, 3500 kg homologation, lighting, painted steel frame

  • Wooden construction, certified wood, spruce

  • Isolation of wood fibers 8 cm

  • Outer and internal membranes, waterproof, windproof and highly vapor permeable

  • Spruce facade board

  • Internal plywood finish

  • Windows and doors, wooden frames, m opened to the outside, 2-pane package, U = 1,1 W / m2K

  • Electrical, ventilation, water and sewage installation

  • Painting, impregnation

The additional calculation will include elements each time individually agreed with the future user:

  • Heating system - depending on the requirements: electric heaters, IR heating foils, stove on wood (with a chimney system)

  • Household appliances: fridge, hob, sink, tap

  • Bathroom equipment: shower, sink, tap, toilet (traditional, compost, other)

  • Gas installation

  • Mattresses and upholstery

Additional options and customisation.

There are wide possibilities of adjusting Redukt houses to individual user requirements, including:

  • Sheep's wool isolation (exceptional health properties, very light)

  • Thermowood boards on the facade (a special method of high temperature maintenance, without the use of chemicals, increased resistance to fungi and mold)

  • Photovoltaic installation with batteries (according to individual energy needs)

  • Various wooden cladding inside

  • Individually designed furniture in place of standard modules

  • Other